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General Rental Conditions

The Lessor, R-Rent OÜ reg. code: 10452795 (hereinafter the Lessor), rents the Vehicle specified on the other side of this agreement (hereinafter Vehicle) to the Lessee, whose name and address are indicated on the other side of this agreement. The Lessee shall undertake to use the Vehicle pursuant to specifications indicated in the rental agreement (rental period, check-in station and time, etc.) and pay the agreed rental fee. The Lessee shall accept and commit himself to these general rental conditions.
By signing the contract the lessee assumes his own responsibility in respect to the contract. All the significations can be validly made on the address indicated by the Lessee where he declares to be domiciled.

  1. The Lessee shall return the Vehicle with all its tyres, documents, accessories and equipment to the R-Rent OÜ station where the above Vehicle was rented or to the location indicated on the other side of this agreement at the latest by the indicated date. Written application is required for each extension of the term and the Lessor’s acceptance shall be required. In the case the Vehicle is not returned to the agreed location by the agreed time, the Lessee shall agree that the Lessor is entitled to declare the Vehicle wanted.
  2. The Lessee shall confirm that he has received the Vehicle in good technical order and with complete coachwork; and without any trace of damage or accident.
  3. The Vehicle used by the Lessee and indicated above shall be covered by the third party insurance in accordance with the law and by special reinsurance. The responsibilities of the Lessee are accordingly indicated on the other side of this agreement. Responsibility for all the damage caused to the Vehicle or to the coachwork shall be charged to the Lessee.
  4. The above Vehicle shall not be used:
    a) For commercial transport of passengers, and goods;
    b) To propel or to tow any vehicle or trailer;
    c) To transport goods in violation of customs regulations or any other legislation;
    d) By a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
    e) In motor races or training to that.
  5. Use of the Vehicle:
    a) The Vehicle shall be driven only by the Lessee or authorised driver listed on the other side of this agreement. Personal data of the authorised driver shall be entered on the rental agreement by the Lessor only;
    b) The driver shall be at least 21 years old and have 1-year driving experience;
    c) The Lessee shall be entirely responsible to the Lessor in respect to the driver authorised by him to act pursuant to general conditions ruling this contract;
    d) Smoking in the Vehicle is forbidden.
  6. The Lessee shall be personally liable to pay the Lessor (on his demand):
    a) The rental fee in accordance with the current tariffs which are calculated on the number of rental days;
    b) For all accessories (collision damage waiver, theft protection, delivery fee, etc.) he subscribed and legally applied tax he accepted by signing the contract. The Lessee received the Vehicle with the full tank and shall refill it on its return or the Lessor will apply refuelling charge 20 Euro and the charge for the missing amount of fuel according to the average price of fuel;
    c) The amount of retention in case he has caused loss to the Lessor;
    d) Penalty in case of accident, which has been caused by drunken driving, false parking or any other abnormal or violent act. In addition he shall cover the repair and other expenses resulting from the accident. The Lessor may ask for pre-payment, which will correspond to the foreseen amount of rental and responsibility.
    e) Lessee´s liability for the flat tire, damage to the headlights or windshield is 100 Euro.
  7. The Lessee and any other authorised driver shall take every measure necessary to protect the interest of the Lessor and the Lessor’s insurance company in case of accident during the rental period by
    a) Obtaining the name and addresses of the persons involved and the witnesses;
    b) Not abandoning the above Vehicle without taking care of its safeguarding nor its security;
    c) Notifying immediately the police and not leaving the place of accident until they give permission;
    d) Filling in a report of the accident and forwarding it within 24 hours to the Lessor.
  8. The Lessor can never be held responsible for the loss or damage to any property or values left in the above Vehicle by the Lessee. The latter hereby releases the Lessor of any liability for actions, charges, complaints and injuries resulting from such loss or damage.
  9. In the case the Vehicle is not used by the Lessee, he shall take precautions (lock all the doors of the Vehicle, take off the front panel of the car-radio, put the steering wheel lock on, etc) to avoid eventual accidents or theft. In case of theft of the Vehicle, the Lessee is responsible to the extent of retention, on the condition he returns the keys and documents (registration certificate, insurance policies and copies of rental agreement) of the Vehicle and proves that he had taken the necessary precautions.
  10. The Lessor cannot be liable for any loss or defect resulting directly from a mechanical defect of the above Vehicle or its accessories, from an accident or from for any other reason.
  11. The Lessee shall take responsibility for the carriage of people and goods. Consequently the Lessor is not liable for any damage to the goods transported.
  12. As the user of the Vehicle indicated in this rental agreement and possessor of valid driver’s licence, the Lessee shall comply with traffic regulations in force, accepting all fines or other expenses resulting from any infraction related to traffic regulations.
  13. If the Lessee does not respect any of the clauses of this agreement, in particular if he does not return the vehicle at the date and time foreseen, the Lessee authorises the Lessor to take the above Vehicle immediately back, no matter where it be without any previous warning and disengages the Lessor from any responsibility for damage or charges resulting from recovery of the Vehicle. The Lessor is not liable for any loss or damage to any objects and materials, which are in the Vehicle on the moment of recovery. Nevertheless, he will take any disposition to protect the interests of the Lessee.
  14. The rental charge shall be paid by credit or charge card, bank transaction or in cash.
  15. This contract is subject to and governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
  16. All modifications to the clauses of this contract shall null without effect if they are not presented in writing and signed by both parties.